Mariana Tek + LenzVU

Client Waivers is a necessary part of operation for the health and wellness industry. Further, the waivers are also required as part of the insurance policy for your business.

LenzVU provides capabilities for you to manage signed waivers, provide client questionnaire and more. Our software is fully integrated with Mariana Tek and allows you to have a full view of the clients easily from your Mariana Tek dashboard.


Enhanced Experience Enabled By LenzVU

Easy and Simple Management

Ensuring the satisfaction of your clients is vital to your business’ success, and with the help of LenzVU, you can better manage your Mariana Tek Clients while deliverying a better user experience. LenzVU provides flagged responses on selective questions/characteristics that display on client profiles to help you categorize your clients. That way, you can better schedule classes and sessions to fit the needs of individual clients. You can also take advantage of LenzVU’s questionnaires to learn more about your clients. Find out what they like and do more of it! Finally, using LenzVU’s fast check ins will ensure your clients a seamless experience right from the start. Eliminate any complications at the front desk and check in with ease with LenzVU. 


You can have certain responses flagged in questionnaires or liability waivers. These flags are displayed on your Mariana Tek client profile.​

Questionnaire or In-Take Forms​

Get your clients to complete a questionnaire and or in-take form every time they come to your facility. This allows you to capture the latest health questionnaire or any updates that needs to be disclosed.

Touchless Check Ins​

Your clients can simply complete their check-in easily from LenzVU and it seemlessly marks them in Mariana Tek.

Convenient and Effective Waiver Solution

Digital waivers are the future of paperwork, and with LenzVU, you can now convert all of your paper waivers into digital waivers with just a few clicks of a button. Create and edit waivers using an user-friendly and interactive form designer. You can then share your waivers with your clients on any devices at anytime. It takes just seconds to complete these waivers, allowing your clients to spend more time with your products and services. Not to mention, all of your waivers are stored in a secured database where you can access it at anytime. Your waiver management just got easier!


Capture client waivers and securely stored them. You can manage and create multiple waivers and have the completed signed waivers stored securely.

Securely Store Waivers

Easily store the signed liability waiver documents and access them when necessary.

Quick Fill

Our system is designed to ensure that your clients have an easy time completing the form. The client forms can have information prepopulated to allow for a quick completion.

Integration Tutorial

Need help with the integration? Click here to learn how you can integrate with Mariana Tek in just a few easy steps!

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